Reworking Home Wiring For Home Office Use

18 March 2015
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As the Internet makes working from home easier, many workers have begun to look at their home situation while wondering how things could be a bit more efficient. From adding new wall outlets to making consistent Internet a bit better, consider a few ways that a licensed electrician such as McDonald Electric can help you be more productive in your home office.

Splitting Off Wiring

The problem with managing a home office is dividing the purpose of one area from another. Unless you have near-perfect organizational skills and focus, it's far too easy for home life to distract productivity. Either through attention issues or disruption, you could find yourself turned off from work and without a way back in due to the rest of the house's problems.

To solve the problem, consult a licensed electrician for a change to your home wiring. An electrician can divide the wiring in the home so that your home office area can be on a different circuit from the rest of the home. Whether you're using a specific room or a single wall for connecting a computer in the corner, the wiring can be split off so that electrical failures in the rest of the house won't always have an effect on your work.

Such electrical splitting can make tax time a little easier. Depending on your work volume and tax situation, you may want a separate electrical bill that can specifically outline your electrical usage. In addition to splitting off the electricity, an electrician can add a power meter to that specific area. You can have a separate bill from your electrical company and track energy consumption much easier.

Make Networking Easier

Wireless Internet is convenient and can be used for many important business processes, but there are times when a consistent Internet connection is a must.

Some companies require a wired Internet connection for quality and security purposes. Wireless can drop a lot of packets, which represent the information you send or receive. When a packet is dropped, it's often manifested as slow loading, robotic voices in Internet phone calls via Voice over IP (VOIP) or digitized blocks in video. Customer support or other call-related jobs simply can't deal with such problems.

As Internet media content becomes bigger, you'll want a faster connection for live performances or to upload your work faster. Internet personalities who upload video shows, online gamers who stream their gaming and many others depend on a wired connection for being faster and more consistent.

Instead of dragging those network cables across the floor and making a tangled mess, a licensed electrician can pull the wires through the house. An electrician can use wall plates similar to the electrical socket plates to connect your computers in different areas of the house more easily.

It's important to note that while networking is mostly a job for Information Technology (IT) professionals, it takes a hybrid electrician with IT knowledge to perform the job safely. The installer needs to know how to find potentially high temperature wires that could melt certain network cables over time. The shielding used for these cables can be toxic, leading to a long term sickness and suffering that may be difficult to identify.

Contact a licensed electrician for efficient, safe and professional electrical work for home office purposes.