Protect Your Home's Exterior Electrical Box

20 March 2015
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When it comes to your home, electricity is critical. Whether it's watching your favorite sitcom, washing a load of clothes or operating your in-ground sprinklers, electricity is an important part of making your home functional. An important part of making sure your home's electrical needs are met involves protecting your outdoor electrical box:


Make certain your outdoor electrical box is protected from inclement weather. Moisture from the rain and snow and high winds can all damage the internal components of your electrical box, causing your home to go black. The best way to accomplish this is to have a weatherproof rated box installed.

Weatherproof-rated electrical boxes are typically designed from one seam-free piece of ABS plastic. Its seam-free design eliminates the risk of moisture and other debris from getting into the box and the ABS plastic is durable enough to withstand the force of the wind.

High Level Installation

Avoid having your electrical box installed too close to the ground. It's best to have the box installed high enough so that it isn't in the path of normal traffic. When your box is too low to the ground, you leave the door open for all types of damage.

Whether it's a curious animal, the spinning blades from your lawnmower or some other issue, when it's too low to the ground there's likely to be some type of obstruction that will damage the box. If you're concerned that installing your electrical box higher will serve as an eyesore, have it installed in an area where you don't really spend any time, such as the side of your home.

Install a Cover

If you've moved into a home with an existing box that is either designed in a non-weatherproof container or in an area low to the ground, there is still something you can do to protect it. Protect your outdoor electrical box with a cover.

These covers are designed to fully enclose your box and work as an added layer of protection. Box covers can be designed in metal, wood, ceramic and a number of other materials. You can even have covers designed to match your home's exterior.

Should your electrical box get damaged, call on a professional. Electrical boxes are dangerous, especially if you don't know what you're doing. An electrician will repair the box for you and also provide helpful feedback on protecting the box from future damage. To learn more, contact a company like Action Electric with any questions you have.