How To Become A Journeyman Electrician

23 October 2015
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Every state has slightly different requirements for becoming a master electrician. There are also many different ways to go about achieving your license. Every electrician might end up taking a slightly different path to a career as a licensed electrician. In some states you are required to attend vocational or trade schools, while other states only require a certain amount of work experience as an apprentice or trainee. In some states you will even need to do a combination of both. This article will explain why trade schools should not be overlooked.

Becoming a Journeyman

The path to becoming a licensed or master (these terms mean the same thing, but the terminology does change from region to region) electrician is long and takes some planning. This is why it is a good idea to set a personal goal to becoming a journeyman electrician. This is the last big step before becoming a master electrician. Here are a few different approaches to becoming a journeyman electrician.

Get A Formal Education

In many states you can get a contractor (like Independent Electrical Contractors of Greater Cincinnati) to vouch for your experience. This a common way to bypass trade schools and become earn a journeyman license based on informal work experience. However, this is not an advisable path if you want to go on to become a master electrician. At a trade school you will learn valuable information, especially in relationship to electric building codes, that will be invaluable when it comes to taking the journeyman test.

Trade schools also introduce you to all of the different disciplines and possible paths you can take within the field. Of course, some electricians have very specific areas of expertise. You might find some disciplines more interesting than others. For instance, you might not be interested in residential electric work, but you might find commercial work more interesting. It is important you just a discipline that intrigues you because you will need to repeatedly take tests throughout the years to maintain your license and stay up to date with current technologies.

As a master electrician, you stand the chance of earning the best pay. However, this path will take some patience and hard work. Many electricians are satisfied and make enough money as journeyman electricians. As a master electrician though, you are able to set yourself up to be a project manager. This a great position for your later years when you have an advanced knowledge of the discipline but are unable to handle the physical work on a daily basis.