Here's How To Make Life More Cozy And Convenient Next Winter

6 November 2015
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Preparing your property for winter is important to help keep unwanted cold air and moisture from entering your home. Luckily, it isn't typically necessary to hire a contractor for major repairs or insulation replacement. Having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned by a professional is a good start, but there are a few other things you can do to make sure that life is cozy and convenient no matter what the winter months bring your way – try one or more of these tips and tricks:

Insulate Your Windows

A great way to ensure that your home is protected from moisture, mold, and unwanted cold air circulation is to use spray foam insulation or caulking to seal up the window sills in your home. Sealing the windows will help you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors without having to make your HVAC system work overtime, which can save you some money on your monthly energy bills. You'll also find that sealed windows help to keep allergens, such as pollen, outdoors where they belong. Don't forget to seal the windows in your basement, garage, and attic spaces.

Plant Some Trees in the Yard

If there are not already trees growing in your yard near windows that get direct sunlight during the day, consider heading to your local nursery and picking out a few deciduous trees to plant. While deciduous trees are full of leaves during the summer to keep your home naturally cool, they tend to lose their leaves in the winter months so your home can soak up the sun's heat for easy temperature management indoors. Trees can even increase your property's value by up to 20 percent, and they will surely improve your home's curb appeal overall.  

Have Your Generator Serviced

You never know what the winter months will bring, so it's essential to have a source of backup power in case the power grid goes down due to a storm. If you don't have a generator, consider investing in a model that will at least keep your lights and fridge running in case of a power outage. You should have your generator serviced once a year sometime during the weeks leading up to winter to ensure that it will perform properly if it's needed during an emergency.

Your service provider will check the coils, oil chamber, and power source so repairs or replacements can be made before any serious problems arise. The filters will also be cleaned, and the starter primed to ensure that the generator starts up on the first try when it's pulled out for use in cold weather.

These ideas work well in combination with one another and they won't cost you an arm and a leg or a lot of extra time to put into place.  For more information, contact companies like Powell's Electric Service, Inc.