Four Warning Signs You Need Rewiring In Your Home

8 January 2016
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When you trip breakers often or have frequent electrical issues, it is not considered normal. These are usually signs that you need to have an electrician visit your home to inspect the system and possibly rewire it. Here are the different warning signs that it is time to get rewiring in your home.

You Find Frayed Wires

If you are completing a basic home electrical project and notice some of the wires are frayed, stop what you are doing and call an electrician right away. Having old wires that are worn, frayed, or bent is a sign that you need to have them replaced. This is not uncommon in older homes that still have the original wiring, though it is often difficult to know the condition of the wires. Pay close attention when installing a new lighting fixture, as it gives you the opportunity to look at the condition of the wiring.

The Electricity Goes Out Often

If you have rooms that lose their power on a regular basis and you need to reset the breakers or fuses, then you need to call an electrician. Overpowering a circuit every once in a while is one thing, but if you find that it is a routine when you are tripping breakers or blowing fuses, there is a problem. It is likely that you have older wiring in your home that isn't quite ready for the number of appliances and electronic devices you are plugging in every day.

There Are Sounds Coming From the Outlets

When you suspect that you might have electrical issues in your home, one good way to tell is by listening closely near the outlets. You might hear different sounds coming from the outlets, such as a sizzling sound or a low buzzing sound. These are never normal signs and require a visit from your electrician. It is possible that the wiring in your home is not only faulty, but dangerous, and needs to be replaced right away. If you only hear these sounds in certain outlets, avoid using those outlets until you talk to an electrical contractor.

The Lights Flicker

A common occurrence with older homes that simply need to be rewired is when the lights flicker when they are turned on. This probably doesn't happen every single time a light is turned on, but periodically. This is another thing that should not be ignored and just dealt with. Aside from flickering, also pay attention to the lights that seem to be getting dimmer over time, even after replacing the light bulb or using a new lighting fixture.

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