3 Common Electric Motor Problems

8 April 2016
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Electric motors play a vital role in everyday life for most people. Motors are used in many different systems, and luckily they do require minimum maintenance. There are a few different types of electric engines, which include mechanical and magnetic. The most common type of electric motor is magnetic, and both AC and DC engines are common. Although the motors generally do not need a great deal of maintenance, problems can arise in electric motors. This article will outline 3 common electric engine problems, and how to diagnose the problem. 

Too Much Current 

In some systems, an electric motor will start to draw a great deal of current. In fact there are many times that an electric motor will draw more current than they are capable of properly handling. The problem can burn out an engine extremely quickly, and is for the most part unpredictable. In order to be ready for this problem, it is important to take preventative caution. The best thing that can be done is installing a device that will shut down the extra current that wants to travel to the motor. This will effectively prevent an electrical overload.  

Over Heating

With most mechanical, combustion, or electrical motors, there is a chance of over heating. Most people have experienced an overheating engine in their vehicle, and have seen how devastating the consequences can be. This is also one of the causes of electrical motor failure. Once again the best medicine is preventative precautions. One of the most common problems is an electric motor operating at a current that is not the specified current for the motor. This causes the motor to work at a much hotter temperature. Another major problem for electric motors is operating in a hot environment.


A problem with resistance is one of the hardest problems to diagnose and is a good time to get a professional (such as one from Hackworth Electric Motors Inc) to fix the motor. Insulation should be over one thousand megaohms. Over the life of the motor, the insulation starts to decrease. If the resistance is not up to par, there can be some drastic consequences for the motor. Preventative measures can be taken by installing insulation testers. It is always a good idea to test the insulation.    

Electric motors can be very low maintenance, but it is very important that they are checked routinely. Many larger companies will have a maintenance program that involves routine checkups, and personal electric motors should be checked routinely as well.